Eastern Skies District
Serving Mesquite, Balch Springs, and Sunnyvale

Pinewood Derby Track

$ 2000
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
$ 200
donation thermometer
We are working on funding a pinewood derby track for the district.

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UoS 2018 logoThank you for attending the Derbies and Regattas class at the Circle 10 University of Scouting!  Since I wasn't sure how many would attend, I decided to put all of the handouts online, and just distribute a one page handout with the link to this page on it.  Click on the links below to download the handouts you would like to have.


Derbies and Regattas class presentation handout

Eastern Skies District Pinewood Derby Rules

Pinewood Derby Trophy Plan

Rain Gutter Regatta How To

Space Derby How To

Pinewood Derby How To

Cubmobile How To

Pinwood Deryb Workshop flyer